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My wife came across this interesting article about finding meaning in dreams through her interest in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Do you need help with understanding the meaning of your dreams? Contact Mal and make an appointment today. Do YOU Know What Your Dreams Tell You? Last night I dreamed I was driving one of those big honkin’ trucks that farmers, horse folks and lumberjacks drive – like a huge amped-up Ford 250. It was night black, and it had those dual rear wheels that stick out on the sides – a real don’t-mess-with-me kind of truck. A big, nasty storm came up, and the wind shrieked around the truck and the rain slashed the air, but I was safe and sound inside. Enormous trees fell left and right like wind-blown matchsticks. The road gradually became narrower and narrower. A couple of trees that had fallen to each side funneled me into a space so narro... (more)

Sleep Tip from the Mentalist TV Show

I like watching the Mentalist TV show and yesterday I got finally around to watch my latest recorded show. To my delight and surprise Patrick Jane's character gave this tip to help you fall asleep: If you have falling asleep you can count sheep or on your in-breath say or think 1 and then when you breath out say or think 2. On your next in-breath say or think 1 and when you breath out say or think 2. Keep on repeating this and you will be surprised that when you wake up it is morning. Give it a try and then connect with me on Facebook and let me know what happened . . . counting sh... (more)

2013 Vertical Monitor Strip Calendars

vertical monitor calendar The 2013 vertical monitor calendars are here. The monitor calendar is available as a free download in a color and a black & white version  There are 2 calendar options 2013 calendar (Jan-Dec) – with 5 calendars per sheet 2013/14 calendar (Jan2013-Jun2014) – with 4 calendars per sheet The calendar comes in segments of 6 months and is 1 inch wide To print the PDF file make sure you set your printer to 100%. you can also purchase printed versions 2013 – 1 12 months calendar for $1.20 + shipping 2013-14 – 1 18 months calendar for $1.75 + shipping 2013 Cale... (more)

Paper Embroidered Christmas Cards – Christmas Tree

Sometimes I want to change things up a bit, so instead of making printed cards I do paper embroidered one. Here are a few simple one one of Christmas trees. For paper embroidery instructions check out this page. Find a design you like and draw it on the back of the card. Or choose a design that fits on the whole card and then embroider one part of the design only. Paper Embroidery – Christmas Tree Card with beads Paper Embroidery – Christmas Tree Card with beads 2 Paper Embroidery Christmas Tree with Beads Paper Embroidery Christmas Tree with Beads to one side Paper Embroid... (more)

Dreams: The Key to Your Full Potential

by Mal Cohen Did you know that there is one behavior that links all of us regardless of age, sex, race, etc. … dreaming! While mysterious and totally personal, at the same time dreaming is normal, necessary and universal. In our “advanced” and “modern” Western culture we often view our dreams as meaningless, superficial or silly. However, if we open ourselves to the deeper meaning and reality of our dreams, there exists a limitless potential for guidance, knowledge and growth. Today we have learned that professional Analysts and Therapists are not required to open this inner doo... (more)